1967 Mrs Erna Starlinger-Huemer, wife of Mr Franz Starlinger-Huemer (owner and managing director of Starlinger & Co GmbH), obtains the trading licence

1968 From now on the company’s activities also comprise the production of plastic products. Furthermore, it relocates to 2564 Weissenbach an der Triesting

1974 Production of packaging material for Austrian Post

1982 unistrap GmbH purchases the former Prym works in Weissenbach and starts producing tapes and PP sacks on Starlinger-machinery

1985 Start of the cooperation with Starlinger & Co GmbH. Assembly work on winders and circular looms

1986 Purchase of a burnishing machine for the surface treatment of steel parts and of a casting machine for the production of plastic rolls

1990 unistrap GmbH acquires a 99.74 % shareholding in the company Unimas Kft in Hungary

1991 unistrap GmbH starts the production of coated fabric tubes which are used for restoring gas pipelines

1995 The construction of a new hall is necessary as Unistrap takes on assembly work for Starlinger starEX tape extrusion lines

2003 Mr Rudolf Bernhard, who has acted as plant manager for many years, is appointed managing director besides Mrs Erna Starlinger-Huemer

2005 unistrap GmbH takes on the assembly work for Starlinger conversion lines and Recycling lines

2007 Construction of a long-distance heating station ensuring heat supply for Unistrap and Starlinger & Co GmbH Factory II. Unistrap-Verpackung GmbH changes its name to unistrap GmbH

2008 The division “Fabric tubes for the reconstruction of pipelines” achieves the ISO 9001 certification

2010 Production range of rehabilitation pipes increased from diamenter 800mm to diameter 1200 mm

2013 Process enhancement in the assambling of Starex machines (optimation of processing time, transparancy of  qualitity management for customer)

2014 Taking over of unistrap gmbh by Angelika Huemer from Erna Starlinger-Huemer

2016 Construction of a new buidling for the division "Recycling"

2017 Death of Erna Starlinger-Huemer

2017 50 years anniversary

2017 unistrap GmbH acquires s shareholding in uniROTA GmbH based in Schwerin - Germany

2018 Besides Mrs Angelika Huemer (shareholder-managing director), Mr Rudolf Pechhacker is appointed to the business manager

2018 Expansion and extension of the manufacturing possibilities in the roll production

2020 Construction of a central depot with 1200m² to increase storage capacity

2021 Establishment of additional assembly stations for recycling product lines

2021 Installation of a photovoltaic system with an output of 200kWp